i get to love you {the wright family}

i have absolutely no words for this next family and the video i was beyond blessed to shoot.  

christie is the INSANELY talented woman behind Kindred boutique & salon in carmel.  If you have not been...GO now (or check them out online).  she has the *most amazing* boho style and it is 100% who she is.  it is present in the way she dresses, the way she decorates her home, and the vibe of her entire boutique.  bohemian is perfectly & uniquely christie and i just LOVE it.

when i showed up to christie's home this rainy sunday morning, her incredibly sweet husband, caleb (who i almost felt like i should have known due to social media) ;) welcomed me in and right off the bat; made me feel just like an old friend.  

this film is *truly* them just BEING...which to me is what makes it so so SO beautiful.  

i was able to sit at their kitchen table and just observe.  over coffee they told me about how they met, remodeling their *gorgeous* home, their work lives, their hopes & dreams for the future, the hiccups that life undoubtedly has thrown their way, what makes them both feel most at peace, and their sweet little man, judah...who i am hoping is happy with an arranged marriage to my little tess! ;)

when it comes to filming i don't really direct.  i don't ask my clients to do anything in particular.  for me, family films are not about the "mantle shot" or the "christmas card".  they are about real & authentic day to day life.  they are about the mundane.  the little moments.  film to me is the heartbeat you can feel and hear beyond what a still image may show you.  

THANK YOU for following along on this new journey.  i hope you love this family film as much as i do!!!!  and PLEASE make sure you are somewhere you can CRANK the music...because this song spoke to me just moments after i fishing filming this sweet family & i *knew* it was simply perfect. xoxo