life-altering software for photographers {IRIS Works}

Any of you who know me-know I absolutely love people. And-one of my favorite things about being a photographer is the amazing people I have met doing this job.

Meredith, the creator of iris Works, has been my partner in crime, my confidant, my second-shooter, my cheerleader, my listening ear, my dependable secondary viewpoint, and my constant business advisor since I began this whole journey. She is absolutely one of the most amazing women I have ever known-and what she has created in IRIS Works has absolutely BLOWN me out of the water!!!! indianapolis_zionsville_photographer_irisworks_applesandhoneyphotography_0523indianapolis_zionsville_photographer_irisworks_applesandhoneyphotography_0521

Ok-so I already said if you know me you know I love people…and if you REALLY know me…you know that organization and the timely fashion of checking tasks off a “to-do” lists are just not my thing…as much as I sooo wish they were!;)

Since starting my photography business the one thing I have learned is that there is not one single program out there designed for the portrait photographers of the world. Yes-if you are strictly a wedding photographer-you have probably invested large amounts of money in some sort of software that promises to organize your life, and even larger amounts of time navigating said software. All of which has most likely left you extremely underwhelmed.indianapolis_zionsville_photographer_irisworks_applesandhoneyphotography_0515

Enter iris Works. IRIS Works was created FOR photographers, BY an actual photographer. The features within the program blow me away. IRIS has everything from workflow management to automated messaging with invoicing, client galleries, and document managing all IN THE SAME PLACE.

For those of us who loooooove photography-the actual creative process that goes into a shoot before, during, and after…we probably have a love/hate relationship with everything else that goes into running our business. Keeping up with emails, finances, and so much more takes away from what we actually love. IRIS Works is sure to free up soooo much time for us passionate photographers to get back to why we started this whole ‘owning our own business’ in the first place. To simply enjoy the art that is photography.indianapolis_zionsville_photographer_irisworks_applesandhoneyphotography_0513indianapolis_zionsville_photographer_irisworks_applesandhoneyphotography_0517indianapolis_zionsville_photographer_irisworks_applesandhoneyphotography_0512

To know that while I am busy planning a session for my clients, interacting with them during the shoot, and post processing their images; IRIS is busy sending out questionnaires to new clients, reminder emails about each shoot on the calendar, the thank you emails I always mean to send out right after a shoot (that I never seem to remember to do-or sneak up to my computer to do), invoicing clients, tracking new leads from potential clients, AND keeping a daily/weekly/monthly “to-do” list active for me based on MY personal workflow for each type of session…well that is just HUGE!!!!!!!

I have noooooo words for how estatic I am to start using iris Works and all of its’ incredible features to run my business so much better. I have no doubt that it will save me time and tears and allow me SO many more meaningful hours to do what I truly feel inspired by…capture beautiful images for amazing people.indianapolis_zionsville_photographer_irisworks_applesandhoneyphotography_0514indianapolis_zionsville_photographer_irisworks_applesandhoneyphotography_0516indianapolis_zionsville_photographer_irisworks_applesandhoneyphotography_0518indianapolis_zionsville_photographer_irisworks_applesandhoneyphotography_0520