love + sunshine {the drewry family}

this next family.  we were given the perfect night to shoot at the beginning of the summer and i have been so excited to blog this sweet session ever since!!!  everything about this session is why i absolutely LOVE my job!  steph did an *amazing* job of styling the fan and when they showed up they were simply ready to focus on one another and just loooove.  steph & chris are HS sweethearts and they have raised just a gorgeous family together.  steph is the face behind the amazing Sprouts Cooking School in Carmel...if you have not checked it so now!!! :)  she has been given a gift and it has been sooo exciting to watch her develop this passion over the last year!!! :)  enjoy a few of my favorites from this gorgeous session!!!indianapolis_zionsville_family-photograpindianapolis_zionsville_family-photograpindianapolis_zionsville_family-photograpindianapolis_zionsville_family-photograpindianapolis_zionsville_family-photograpindianapolis_zionsville_family-photograpindianapolis_zionsville_family-photograpindianapolis_zionsville_family-photograpindianapolis_zionsville_family-photograpindianapolis_zionsville_family-photograpindianapolis_indiana_zionsville_wedding-indianapolis_zionsville_family-photograpindianapolis_indiana_zionsville_wedding-indianapolis_indiana_zionsville_wedding-indianapolis_indiana_zionsville_wedding-indianapolis_zionsville_family-photograpindianapolis_zionsville_family-photograpindianapolis_zionsville_family-photograpindianapolis_zionsville_family-photograpindianapolis_zionsville_family-photograpindianapolis_zionsville_family-photograpindianapolis_zionsville_family-photograpindianapolis_zionsville_family-photograpindianapolis_zionsville_family-photograpindianapolis_zionsville_family-photograp

  • Maria

    So good! Love all of them!

  • Megan Holladay

    Love these! So gorgeous.

  • Amanda

    Your work is STUNNING!!

  • Carrie

    Sooo gorgeous! Their outfits, the location and their interactions = perfection!

  • Sara

    Love these! Great shots ☺️☺️

  • Rebecca

    Oh I adore this session!!!! So well done!

  • Ashly


  • Michelle

    These are truly beautiful! I would run out of wall space if these were mine. Love.

  • Sarah Costa

    This is absolutely gorgeous!!! Come up and photograph my family <3

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  • Crystal

    These are amazing!!