love you as big as the sky {the morton family}

photo shoots can be naturally stressful.  the hubbies are not always into it...and more often than not, they have been dragged! ;)  without fail the "smiley baby" becomes the "straight face" baby; mom might have taken a little longer to get ready than expected-so the family is running late; baby poops on the way...and that is all if a family only has ONE child.

so, throw a few more "obstacles" into the mix and that is how photo shoots can sometimes begin!! ;)

my goal for ALL families-whether they have one baby or 5 children is to ENJOY each LET GO of BE LAUGH.  because i *promise* that if a family is TRULY able to do that, then i get to do what i do best...


capture the loving glances exchanged between moms & dads; the eye roll that brings about the laughter; the hand grabs; the flower picking; the twirling & wandering; the stolen kisses; the little ways that moms love their babies-usually without even knowing that they do it; and without a doubt, i get to capture the unmistakable & undeniable LOVE that is within every family.

over time i have learned that the more my clients trust me-the better the session.  it is always the clients who have hired me *because* they recognize those stolen moments within the work i produce that give up the control.  i am SOOO thankful for the clients who have found me and hired me to document LIFE for them!!  this next family just RADIATES beauty...enjoy  some of my favorites from their session!! xo