our little one {the hornbach family}

there is nothing *quite* like a mom & dad loving on their first born.  everything is done together and there is just so much happiness... 

this session started a bit later than what we had planned (chalk that up to traffic-but it happens), there was a diaper that needed changed as soon as this sweet family arrived...AND the bugs were insane!!!!

yet-once we started shooting...all was perfect!  erin & anthony simply LOVED on their precious baby girl-they weren't worried about all of the little things.  it was as if they were aware of what most of us aren't...that time with our babies goes freakishly fast!!!  so-thanks to their "roll with it" attitude and super sweet demeanors- i got to stare at sweet lena, and how incredibly adorable she was with ALL her hair...and just let them love on each other.  

enjoy some of my favorite images from their session... xo