About Kelsey

Welcome to Apples and Honey! I am so glad that you stopped by! I'm Kelsey, mother of 3 littles, and married to my college sweetheart. Photography became something I felt incredibly called to once my first baby was born. Time seemed to race by at an insane speed...and this gig called "motherhood" was a lot lonelier and more challenging than i had *ever* anticipated.

Enter social media...and constant photos of a perfectly composed lives and i KNEW i wanted more!!!
My life as a mom was a FAR cry from those perfectly crafted squares. I found myself desperate for REAL life and RAW moments. The IMPERFECT, insanely beautiful moments were the ones I longed to capture from behind my lens.

I started using my camera to show other mothers exactly what I ached to see/feel in my own world; just how beautiful their seemingly imperfect lives truly were! The way they nursed & comforted their crying babies, the way their wild toddlers arms wrapped around their necks, the peace when none of their babies were truly "babies" but still needing them, and the way their chosen partner looked deep into their soul, choosing daily to love them through the chaos of life.

To wrap everything up...I am a huge believer that life should make you smile; maybe not every minute, but most • I make mistakes daily (lots of them), but I am humbled by the Grace of God • I have faith in the idea that what we see as imperfection now will be the things we are desperate to hold onto later •

I am SO happy you are here and I can't wait to capture the story of your family through photos or film!!!

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Let's tell your story

When I take a photograph, I hope to tell a story…YOUR story. So don’t be surprised if we chat early and often. I like to work with you to create your session; from discussing locations to outfits and the small details in between. Through our conversations, I’ll get a better sense of your world, your day-to-day life, the moments that bring you happiness, and a little about the people you cherish most. These are the things that make you, you and that’s what I hope to capture with my lens.

During the session itself, I’ll make sure you’re relaxed and at ease, completely focused on being present with those you love. If your hubby needs a drink to loosen up & love freely...give the man what he needs! Kids will be kids!! Between photo sessions with my own crew, and 8 years behind this lens...there is literally NOTHING i haven't seen. So relax...and leave the work to me!


I am so excited to hear from you!! Fill out the form below & I will get back to you soon!! If you don't hear back from me, please email me directly at hello@applesandhoneyphotography.com