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three smiles & a field of strawberries {honisch family session}

there is nothing that means more to me then a super sweet client who refers their super sweet friend.  and it is even better when that friend is sooo incredibly genuine with such a beautiful family.  becky contacted me quite a few months back to set up a session.  we talked about the things they love the most as a family and how they just wanted to capture this special time; the three of them-and the love they share.  miss harper adores strawberry smoothies and strawberries in general…so we decided to do their shoot at a local farm.  Spencer Farm in Noblesville, IN was SO kind to allow us to use their beautiful land for this family’s shoot.  we spent the night talking, laughing, and eating the most delicious strawberries.  becky and JR are the type of people you who just want to spend more and more time with and little miss had the absolute most gentle demeanor the entire session.  it was such a JOY to photograph this family.  i am always so humbled by the people that hire me to photograph their lives and the friendships that are instantly formed! xo


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george {9 months}

i have absolutely loooooved seeing this cutie every three months during his first year!!!!  it is just CRAZY how quickly changes happen from newborn-1 year.  george is always all smiles and his GORGEOUS mamma has noooo problem jumping in the photos…which is always my favorite part!!!  i can’t believe that this little guy will be 1 so very soon!!!!  xo white family!!!!


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Love & Oreos {the McHugh family}

Oh this next session…I just adore everything about it!!!  It was SUCH a long winter here in IN…painfully long.  I couldn’t wait to get back outside with my camera.  This was my first family to kick off the season.  I met Jan when Jaiden Photography and Jennie Phyfferon Photography hosted their J&J Workshop here in IN at my studio space.  I loved talking with Jan that day and was beyond thrilled when I received an inquiry from her about family photos before they welcomed baby #3 into the mix. Taking pictures of another photographer can always be intimidating…but this session was anything but.  Jan was soooo laid back and she truly just enjoyed every single moment with her family.  Chris was absolutely one of the most calm dads I have ever had the pleasure of working with…and Ruth and Henry (I die at the names alone) were sooo wonderful…and just WAIT until you see how unbelievable adorable they are!!!!!!  This family 100% reminded me why photographing families is absolutely my favorite!!  From start to finish, this session was completely relaxed and full of love!!!  I really didn’t want it to end! Being a photographer’s child you are used to seeing a camera.  Jan believed that I would see a more serious side of her kids than what she is used to.  They were actually a bit shy for a minute…and super cold at times…but those were the little things that made for some of my personal favorite photos from the session.  However, we still wanted to get those precious smiles…enter Oreos…and LOTS of them…to wrap up this beautiful family session!:)I am not done “catching up” on my blog posts of 2013 & early 2014…but I could not wait to share this sweet session!!!  Jan & Chris…I absolutely ADORED working with your sweet sweet family!!!!  Can’t wait to hear when #3 arrives!!!!:)Enjoy!!! xoindianapolisfamilyphotographer_0002indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0003indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0005indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0007indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0008indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0009indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0004indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0010indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0011indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0012indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0013indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0014indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0015indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0016indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0017indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0018indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0019indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0020indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0021indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0022indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0023indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0024indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0025indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0026indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0027indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0028indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0029indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0030indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0031indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0032indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0033indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0034indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0035indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0036indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0037indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0038indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0039indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0040indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0041indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0042indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0043indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0044indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0045indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0046indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0047indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0048indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0001indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0050indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0051indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0052indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0053indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0054indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0055indianapolisfamilyphotographer_0056

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baby audra {lifestyle newborn session}

This next family has my heart.  I ran a contest when I first relaunched asking people to write in and tell me their ‘story’.  I remember receiving Emily’s email.  She was my neighbor at the time…but I did not know her well.  Her story gave me goosebumps and just grabbed my heart.  Here it is for you all to read… The Story It’s true what people say.  You get what you want when you least expect it.  Our family story wouldn’t be what it is without our couple story, which wouldn’t be what it is without my story.  It’s truly amazing all the little pieces that have to come together to make a family.  Divine intervention at its best… J This December I will turn 40 years old.  There is no better time to reflect and share all the milestones that have made me who I am now…a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a teacher.  Four years ago I would have told you that I probably wouldn’t be some of these people.  As a single woman, living in a small, downtown apartment, I had come to terms with the fact that I may not find a person with whom I wanted to spend my life, much less find him in time to have a baby.  I had a life full of friends, family, good times, and travel adventures to boot.  I told myself that having a full life meant different things for different people…and I said this mantra over and over in my head especially after failed relationships.  But life has a funny way of taking twists and turns when you least expect it. Our couple and family story began four years ago during a particularly LOVELY fall (everything wonderful happens in the fall, doesn’t it? J) and grew over those four years at a whirlwind pace!  Nick, although nine years younger than me, became THE guy.  THE one. During just ONE of those years together we moved in together, sold a condo, bought a house, got engaged, got married, promptly got pregnant (on our wedding night…again, divine intervention at its best) and celebrated our marriage with a honeymoon in Paris, my favorite city in the world!  We have enjoyed so many wonderful times and weathered some rough times as a couple in such a short period.  We have documented our “couplehood” with photos from trips, engagement photos and wedding photos; each one sharing some intimate detail of our lives together.  I treasure these photos because they tell OUR story.  I love sitting together on cold winter nights with a glass of wine, a fire, and a floor full of photos remembering those special times.  They feed my soul. What we have not documented as well is our family story, which began with the birth of Claire Elise, on July 14th, 2011.  Words simply cannot express the multitude of feelings we have experienced since her birth.  Of course, we have MANY photos and videos of her with all the special people in our lives, including us, but not of all three of us as a family.  As I’m looking for photos with our entire family to attach to this email, I cannot find one of all three of us.  It is amazing how fast time flies…how often we say, “we’ll get to that tomorrow,” or “we have time, we’ll do that later on.”   As I reach this next age milestone in my life, I can honestly say I don’t want to wait for anything.  I want to live everyday to the fullest.  Relishing moments and breathing in all life offers is the best way I can teach my daughter to love her life and also the best way to say, “Thank You” to God and all his divine interventions.  I want my daughter to look back and say she grew up loving life (and that she has the pictures to prove it).   It is amazing how things can change.  Emily has so quickly became  a dear friend and having her just down the street has probably saved us both money on a therapist.  She is someone I am SOOO thankful to venture through motherhood with!!!  To say I adore her and her family would be the biggest understatement! Well-this past February Emily and Nick welcomed their second little nugget, Miss Audra.  I was SO excited to photograph her in her newness and this precious family of three becoming a family of four!!!!  Love you guys!!!! xolifestylenewborn_0104lifestylenewborn_0105lifestylenewborn_0106lifestylenewborn_0107lifestylenewborn_0108lifestylenewborn_0109lifestylenewborn_0110lifestylenewborn_0111lifestylenewborn_0112lifestylenewborn_0113Audra wasn’t totally feeling this shot…but it is ok.  Emily’s dad built this cradle and her grandma knitted the quilt.  Claire on her perfect tiptoes to give her new baby sister a kiss makes this moment perfect!lifestylenewborn_0114lifestylenewborn_0115lifestylenewborn_0116lifestylenewborn_0117lifestylenewborn_0118lifestylenewborn_0119lifestylenewborn_0120lifestylenewborn_0121lifestylenewborn_0122lifestylenewborn_0123lifestylenewborn_0124

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Welcome to the world Charlie {lifestyle newborn session}

This session is one of my favorites from the loooong winter we had here in IN.  I was beyond honored when Steph contacted me and asked me to come photograph their new bundle of joy, Charlie.  I absolutely loooove when new parents want to be a part of the newborn session. To me…there is something so magical about watching two people who have been a unit for so long adjust to their new world of becoming a family of three.  There is love and admiration in their glances towards each other and that new little one that I truly do love more than any “posed” shot…just my opinion of course!;) Steph and Brian built this gorgeous home a few years ago and Steph used her internal interior decorator while putting together this gorgeous home.  It made pull back shots stunning!!!:) Steph and Brian-I know Charlie has grown and changed sooo much since these photos!  Enjoy looking back at them and remember to stop and enjoy each little change within his first year!!!  xoxolifestylenewborn_0096lifestylenewborn_0060lifestylenewborn_0059lifestylenewborn_0063lifestylenewborn_0061lifestylenewborn_0062lifestylenewborn_0065lifestylenewborn_0066lifestylenewborn_0067lifestylenewborn_0068lifestylenewborn_0069lifestylenewborn_0070lifestylenewborn_0072lifestylenewborn_0073lifestylenewborn_0074lifestylenewborn_0075lifestylenewborn_0076lifestylenewborn_0077lifestylenewborn_0078lifestylenewborn_0079lifestylenewborn_0080lifestylenewborn_0081lifestylenewborn_0082lifestylenewborn_0083lifestylenewborn_0084lifestylenewborn_0085lifestylenewborn_0086lifestylenewborn_0087lifestylenewborn_0088lifestylenewborn_0089lifestylenewborn_0090lifestylenewborn_0091lifestylenewborn_0092lifestylenewborn_0093lifestylenewborn_0094lifestylenewborn_0095lifestylenewborn_0098lifestylenewborn_0099lifestylenewborn_0100lifestylenewborn_0101lifestylenewborn_0102






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