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A super cool family + loads of records {fritts family}

I think I had been planning this session in my head since the very first time I saw/briefly met this family!!  I wanted to be a total creeper and BEG to photograph them the second they moved into our neighborhood!!!  Seriously-little Beckett and his amazing hair, Lola’s incredibly gentle nature that makes her one of the sweetest girls I have ever met, and Parker’s adorable toothy grin!!!  When you see their parents there is no doubt where these kids get their cuteness!;) Oh-and the second I walked into their home I just knew what their session needed to look like!  Their front room is filled with mom’s vinyl collection and a great record player to play all of their favorites on.

My last post featured a friend I have known my whole life, and this post features a friend I have known just over the last couple of years…one that I can’t imagine my day to day life without.  I have no idea why God has chosen to bless me with the friendship of soooo many encouraging and lovely ladies in my adult life…but I am soooo grateful!!!  Shannon is a breath of fresh air.  She is her own person and I absolutely love her authenticity.  Her laugh is contagious, she is incredibly selfless, and genuinely easy to be around all of the time…which is probably why I walk into her house unannounced daily!;) My life has been enriched by her and her beautiful family living just a few houses away!!!  Having them as neighbors and friends is something I am so very very thankful for.

Ok-onto the session…it was full of fun and laughter.  With this family-there really was no other option!;) Also-they moved to IN from MI…so notice the little MI touches Shannon included.  (don’t even think about moving back…EVER);) Shannon-i love you friend!!!  I hope you love these photos as much as I do!!!   xo




Leslye Goldman - April 15, 2014 - 10:27 am

What great photo’s!

Celebrating 3 + an announcement of #4 {halbach family}

Oh how I love this next family.  Kimbo and I were in the same Kindergarten class!!!  Most of my childhood memories involve her.  I know this doesn’t happen to everyone…but my grade school and high school friends have stayed in contact.  To still be friends with people who know you, your family, your background, the boys you had crushes on and the ones who broke your heart, who celebrated your 10th, 16th, and 30th birthdays with you is *suuuuper* special and I am so very thankful for those in my life like Kim.

We had the most gorgeous evening last fall for my session with the Halbach family!!!  Jack was not really feeling anything about the photos…but I absolutely LOOOOVE that we captured exactly who he was in that moment in his life…Mr. Serious.  I hope these images always remind Matt and Kim of their precious boy right in that precious moment of his life.  We also got to plan something special to announce that Jack was going to be a big brother!!!  Kim is due with a baby GIRL and I can’t wait to meet her very soon!!!!!!!!  :)  The barn that we shot this session in front of was stunning…I soooo wish it was in my yard!!!  And-the pops of fall colors in the background trees was perfect!!!

Kimbo-I hope you enjoying seeing this session again and always hold it dear as a special time before your sweet family grew from three into four!!!  xoxo


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A lovely donut party {Briscoe family}

There are not enough words to express my love for this family!  We spend quite a bit of time with the Briscoes and I see that happening for years and years to come…YAY!!!!:) Our littles match up perfectly and adore each other!  Henry (their oldest) and Hallie (my oldest) are already planning their own marriage and life together down the road (just check out their adorable session here) and our little guys; Teddy & Colin were born exactly 1 week apart!:) To live life alongside them has been an absolute blessing!!!

The amount of love within this family of four is *such* a special thing to witness!  Anne-Marie is one of those people that I seriously can’t get enough of!  Her kindness is unmatched and I have no doubt that her sweetness brings out the absolute best side in everyone that is around her…that my friends is what everyone should search for in friendships.  Beyond that, she looooooves her boys soooo fiercely with such a selfless heart.  She is always looking on the positive side and enjoying all the little moments that come along with motherhood.  Many days I wish I was more like her!;)

Planning this session was easy…lots of love, a natural background, and donuts…lots of donuts!  Why donuts?  Andrew takes the boys to get donuts most Saturday mornings.  Donuts may also be picked up any day Monday-Friday and Sundays.  So-we HAD to incorporate donuts into their session because it is a part of *their story*.  This session was fun and effortless.  I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time.  It means sooo much to me to be able to create sessions that speak to the hearts of my clients.  Briscoe family…I loved this session and can’t wait to photograph your beautiful family for years to come!!!!!2014-04-07_00012014-04-07_00022014-04-07_00032014-04-07_00042014-04-07_00052014-04-07_00062014-04-07_00072014-04-07_00082014-04-07_00092014-04-07_00102014-04-07_00112014-04-07_00122014-04-07_00132014-04-07_00142014-04-07_00152014-04-07_00162014-04-07_00172014-04-07_00182014-04-07_00192014-04-07_00202014-04-07_00212014-04-07_00222014-04-07_00232014-04-07_00242014-04-07_00252014-04-07_00262014-04-07_00272014-04-07_00282014-04-07_00292014-04-07_00302014-04-07_0031

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Orchard + cider + mason jar glasses + family quilt = perfection {Carter family}

Families.  I adore them.  I adore photographing them.  I adore the imperfection that comes along with photographing them.  I adore that you can’t plan the moods of toddlers…which means there are so many real moments to witness and capture.

This family is special.  Super special.  I have known this *gorgeous mama* since I was 12 years old!  WOWZA…that is a long time!  Lauren has ALWAYS had the MOST infectious smile and laugh…we spent most of our adolescent years giggling at anything and everything and some of my all time favorite memories include her. I felt BEYOND honored when she drove her beautiful family down from Chicago just for this session and I absolutely loooooooved hearing that very giggle and that same smile during this session.

Lauren had said that she and Mark adore the feel of an orchard.  They had always gone berry picking in MI every year-but after their little guy was born they decided to start a new tradition of apple picking.  Seeing that Henry loves apples and cider it was a perfect idea!!!  Lauren brought the quilt made by Mark’s great grandma.  It was given to them as a heirloom wedding gift.  Bringing along something with so much meaning to them made the photos all the more beautiful!  We basically threw everything out of the car that Lauren and Mark brought down from Chicago and created a gorgeous scene for them to sit back, relax, and love on one another.  They were incredibly relaxed and literally just let the session flow!  It was perfection and I can’t wait to photograph this incredibly beautiful and sweet family again and again! xo



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Lace + Plaid + Snow {bridal session}

Wow-I really need to get back into blogging!!!  I was so caught up in shooting sessions this past fall that I neglected to post any of them! :/  No complaints though-things here are fabulous!!!  I have been loving this bit of a down season so that I can rejuvenate myself for what is to come and simply to do some things *just because they inspire me*…it is soooooo good for the photographer’s soul!!!!

With that being said…I LOVE photographing brides (and grooms)…but Allie and I had talked about this session (without her groom) for awhile and we were just waiting for the perfect time!  A huge thank you Indiana for ALL of the snow you have given us this winter-it made finding the time and the place for this session super easy!

Allie and I wanted to do a bridal session that tied together her engagement photos {see those here} and her wedding day {see photos here}.  And-I just wanted to have some fun in the snow (allie was *such* a good sport)!!!  She wore the plaid shirt from her engagement photos, and of course the gorgeous lace gown from her wedding this past August!  I knew I wanted to add a halo for her hair and a bouquet.  I would have looooooved for those to have both been made out of real flowers-but the time didn’t allow, so I went to Michaels and made her a red berry halo and a wintery themed bouquet of sorts!:)

I looooooove when clients work *with* me to artistically achieve a vision!!!  Allie-you did just that!!!  I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!!!!  xoxo







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